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PF-5050C Side Sealing Carton Sealing Machine

Manufactured with Taiwan technology, and use imported parts, original electronic components and pneumatic components; according to the specifications of the carton, manual adjustment of the width and height is simple, fast and convenient.

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☆ Manufactured with Taiwanese technology, and use imported parts, electronic components and pneumatic components;
☆ Manually adjust the width and height according to the carton specifications, which is simple, fast and convenient;
☆ Drive up and down, sealing on both sides, fast and stable;
☆ Equipped with blade protection device to avoid accidental stabbing during operation;
☆ For cartons with side openings, such as beverages, floor tiles, etc., the sealing effect is flat, standardized and beautiful;


Product number PF-5050C         Standard single model (unit: mm)
transfer speed 400-600 Box/hour
Maximum packaging size L∞×W500×H450mm
Minimum packaging size L150×W250×H90mm
Table height Minimum 580mm, maximum 720mm
using electric 220/380V 50Hz
Use air source 0
Applicable tape W48mm/60mm/75mm  (Alternative use)
Machine size L860×W930×H1250(Without front and rear roller racks)
Machine weight 150kg
Mechanical color Subject to factory