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PKE-5025S+-SF-5030L-High Speed Side Sealing Shrink Packaging Machine

This machine adopts the most advanced PLC programmable controller, has safety protection and alarm device, can feed automatically or manually, and can be equipped with an automatic feeding system;

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Product Features:
△ High-speed three-side sealing, using half-fold film;
△ This machine adopts the most advanced PLC programmable controller, with safety protection and alarm device, can be fed automatically or manually, and an automatic feeding system is optional;
△ The high-speed hot air circulation shrinking furnace adopts a roller conveyor belt, the drum is wrapped with high temperature resistant silicone tube, each of which can be freely rotated, or a Teflon mesh conveyor belt can be used. The heating tube is a stainless steel heating tube;
△ According to the different configurations of the equipment and the different characteristics of the products, the sealing and cutting speeds are matched with the heat shrinking speed, and the packaging speed can be as high as 0-60 pieces/min;
△ Packaging materials are suitable for PE, PVC, POF, PP and other materials;
△ The electrical components are mostly imported components, such as German Siemens, French Schneider, Japanese Omron and other components;
△ It is suitable for shrink packaging of products in various industries such as food, medicine and chemical industry, electronics, printing, household daily chemicals and cosmetics.


model PKE-5025S model SF-5030L
name High-speed automatic side sealing packaging machine name High-speed constant temperature shrink packaging machine
power supply 380V,3phase,50Hz, 3kw power supply 380v,3phase,50Hz,16kw
Cutter length 500mm Shrink furnace size L1500xW500xH300mm
Maximum packaging size L 0-∞xW300xH150mm Maximum packaging size L1500xW500xH300mm
Packing speed 0-60个/分 temperature 0-300℃
Machine size 2090x1560x1320mm Machine size L2000xW1050xH1250mm
Air pressure 5.5KG/cm2 ---------