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PGE-YD2000 automatic topping winding machine

Using a microcomputer as the control core to accurately return to the zero position, the packaging can be wrapped and packaged with various technological requirements.

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☆ Use a microcomputer as the control core to accurately return to the zero position, which can carry out winding packaging operations of various technological requirements on the packaging;
☆ The electric eye intelligently detects the height of the packaged object, and the speed of the turntable is adjustable;
☆ Stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, capable of high dust, high noise, strong electromagnetic interference and temperature changes;
☆ PLC controls the number and times of winding layers, the speed of the turntable, the lifting and lowering of the film frame are adjustable, the height of the goods is automatically sensed, the height of the top is adjustable, and the winding is reinforced.


Product number PGE-YD2000    Automatic winding machine
using electric 220V/380V,50HZ,15000W
Effective packaging height 2100MM;2400MM(可Designed according to customer requirements)
Load bearing 2000KG
Turntable diameter ∮1500MM; ∮1800MM
Applicable winding film paper core inner diameter 75MM
Applicable stretch film outer diameter 250MM
Packing speed 30-40Pal/hour
Turntable speed 5-13 Rpm (adjustable)
Chassis height 80MM
Highest pre-stretch ratio 250%
Machine color Subject to factory