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Manual baler 1608 (domestic)

Large tightening force, special structure design, easy to achieve tightening and packaging such as steel, aluminum ingots, heavy packaging.

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Product Features:
1. Easy to use, smart design and easy to move.
2. Large tightening force and special structure design can easily realize tightening and packing of steel, aluminum ingots and heavy packaging.
3. The machine has high durability. All machine bodies and components are made of high-strength alloy materials, high reliability, and advanced technology.
4. Patented design, safe to use, and fatigue-free design.


Model number: 1608
Brand: Paike
Bandwidth of packing belt: 12-19 mm
Packing belt thickness: 0.6-1.0 mm
Winch weight: 1.6Kg
Clip weight: 1.6Kg
Clip length: 50CM
Applicable packing belt: PP, PET belt
Operation mode: manual tensioner, used in conjunction with manual snapper.


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