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PKCZ-001-Online weighing and rejecting machine

There are three weighing table options for unpowered roller, power roller and power belt table

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Product Features:
○ There are three weighing table options for non-powered drum, power drum and power belt table
○ Adopt American Toledo high-quality load cell
○ Large-capacity product storage and abnormal records
○ A variety of automatic rejection devices are optional
○ Automatic alarm + pneumatic rejection
○ Adopt three-color sound and light alarm system
○ Control mode: PLC + touch screen + standard control button + signal switch, divided into automatic/manual control mode
○ The fault point can be found through the touch screen, and the fault can be easily eliminated
○ This series of products can be used online with computers and inkjet printers
○ Suitable for inspection and reuse of outer packaging
○ Standard machine, parts are available at any time
○ Can be customized according to user requirements


Model number:PKCZ-001
Detection width:500mm
Table height:600mm
transfer speed:22M/min
Test weight:30KG
Detection accuracy:20g
Detection method: Automatic alarm + pneumatic rejection
Control detection:OK within the upper and lower values, alarm and reject outside the standard value
Mechanical Dimensions:(L)1485(W)1700(H)1400mm
using electric:220V、1∮、50/60Hz
Machine weight:280kgs