Shenzhen Paike Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Paike Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Paike Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Company profile Focus on intelligent packaging technology innovation, help customers automation transformation, improve production competitiveness

Shenzhen Paike Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production, sales, installation and service of intelligent packaging machinery. The company regards scientific research and development and marketing as the core of its work, scientific research and marketing The staff accounted for 50% of the total number of people. The professional outsourcing and precision assembly of products have reduced the company's investment in fixed assets, optimized and integrated corporate resources, and enabled the company to take a high starting point for high-tech.
The company has seized the opportunity of the rapid increase in global demand for automated packaging and rapid replacement of new and old products. Through standardized corporate management, "reliant on scientific research internally and externally dependent on the market" corporate development strategy, independent innovation, high positioning and implementation of comprehensive quality Management gradually builds the most optimized R&D, manufacturing, service, information platform and processing base.

With customer demand and market changes, companies implement timely production to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. Therefore, customers continue to increase their requirements for the performance, quality, reliability and after-sales service of the machine, so that the time for getting on the machine is increased and the time for getting off the machine is reduced. In order to cope with this trend, in addition to a large inventory of spare parts, we have established a high-quality service team and a 24-hour repair hotline. No worries about choosing Paike.

Pike adheres to the core values of "integrity, innovation, customer orientation, overall concept, initiative and efficiency, pursuit of goals, and clear rewards and punishments", customer-centric, high-tech, high-quality positioning as the foundation, innovative development as the principle, through continuous Innovation, excellent operation and fine management, forged excellent execution in every work link, continue to provide customers with advanced technology, first-class products, perfect applications, thoughtful services, and pursue customers, employees, partners and The common development of the company.

History Focus on intelligent packaging technology innovation, help customers automation transformation, improve production competitiveness


In the 11th anniversary of the company\'s establishment, Paike has dedicated its product research and development results to the whole society in the spirit of craftsmanship.

The company was upgraded to a joint-stock company, with Shenzhen Kewan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. as the main frame, under the jurisdiction of several brand enterprises such as PACGAGE/PAIKEONE/FOMOUS.



The entire company applies modern office, uses an ERP management system, carries out comprehensive system management, and signs a long-term cooperative relationship with China Internet of Things E-commerce Group to supply its 500 smart packaging and conveying systems in China.

The company\'s R&D organization expanded, various patent applications were in place, and it became a national high-tech enterprise. At the same time, it signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Hengtong Group, Wanhe International, Jiangsu Chunlan Air Conditioning, and Huizhou BYD, and the company\'s foreign international trade extended to the world.



Established a cooperative relationship with the Shenzhen factory of Foxconn Group, and established a cooperative relationship with Dongguan Lingyi

Determine strategic partnerships with well-known companies such as Hong Kong Taifeng Group, Xiamen Hongtai Group, Mingjiahui Optoelectronics, etc.



The factory moved to the new production base at No. 7, Lougang Avenue, and entered the company\'s turning point. At the same time, the company invested a large amount of research and development funds for in-depth product research and development.

Continue to determine strategic cooperation with China Electronics, Great Wall Development, and Konka Group



Determine strategic cooperation with well-known companies such as Jiulong Paper, Lee & Man Paper, BBK, Yinyin Stock

Paike Automation moved from Baoan to Songgang to realize factory expansion



Paike Automation was established

Culture Focus on intelligent packaging technology innovation, help customers automation transformation, improve production competitiveness

  • Corporate objectives

    Become an influential Intelligent Packaging Enterprise
  • management idea

    People oriented, honesty as trust, pursuit of excellence, service society
  • Enterprise tenet

    Work together for win-win cooperation

Office environment Focus on the future and science and technology, do good products and services at present